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General questions

What is volatility?

As you know, the price in the market never stands in one place. It is constantly changing: either growing or decreasing. Volatility is nothing but the level of price changes in the market. High volatility means that the price changes with a significant spread, and low - when it is almost in one place.

What is the difference between technical analysis and fundamental?


Technical analysis is based on statistics of price movement, which is displayed on the charts. Three postulates of technical analysis:

1. Price includes everything.

2. The market is subject to trends.

3. The market is logical.

Therefore, the technical analysis relies on certain sequences on the price chart, which with a high degree of probability can be repeated again.

Fundamental analysis works with macro statistics and important news, forecasts and actual values, determining the further direction of the market and based on consumers' perceptions of these same data.

What are macroeconomic indicators?

Macroeconomic indicators are summary indicators of economic growth, volumes of consumption, production, expenses, incomes, welfare of the population, exports, imports, economic growth and others. The most relevant news information can be found in the economic calendar on the company's website:

What Affects Forex Rates?

As it's always been in the economy it's supply and demand. As soon as the ratio of these indicators (both actual and expectations) to each other changes, it is immediately reflected in the price.

What is important for a novice trader to know?


It must be understood that:

- Even the most successful trader can still make unprofitable orders and this is absolutely normal! The purpose of trading in the financial markets is not so much to make exclusively profitable orders, but to make profit from orders cover losses.

- You must control your risks by setting “Stop loss”.

- Trading with larger deposits is easier than with small funds.

- Leverage can not only increase revenue, but also accelerate losses.

Why is the company interested in making the client profit?

Arum Trade is interested in long-term trading with its customers (since a commission will be paid on each transaction). Accordingly, the more transactions, the more profitable the company. And this will happen only if the client is satisfied with everything.

What mistakes are most often made by novice traders?


You can earn a lot in the Forex market, however, in order to come to this, you need to be able to take control of your emotions, for example, such as greed. You need to be able to calmly record both negative and positive results, not allowing the situation to get out of control. Over time, traders acquire these skills.

Lack of an action plan is one of the key problems in the market. You should always have an accurate understanding of your actions, both in a positive and negative way. And you always need to install "Stop loss"!

As a rule, haste in making trading decisions is associated with passion and greed.

It is also worth noting trading with large leverage as the most common mistake made by beginners. It must be remembered that this can lead not only to large profits, but also to even greater losses.

What mistakes are most often made by novice traders?


You can earn a lot in the Forex market, however, in order to come to this, you need to be able to take control of your emotions, for example, such as greed. You need to be able to calmly record both negative and positive results, not allowing the situation to get out of control. Over time, traders acquire these skills.

Lack of an action plan is one of the key problems in the market. You should always have an accurate understanding of your actions, both in a positive and negative way. And you always need to install "Stop loss"!

As a rule, haste in making trading decisions is associated with passion and greed.

It is also worth noting trading with large leverage as the most common mistake made by beginners. It must be remembered that this can lead not only to large profits, but also to even greater losses.

How is Arum Trade different from other companies?


Arum Trade Ltd is a reliable broker whose founders have been working in the financial sector for over 20 years. The company, its conditions, customer support and many other factors are the result of a thorough analysis of the financial sector: all the best is taken from the leaders, and typical errors are taken into account and worked out in detail.

Arum Trade Ltd (a license from VSFC) is part of the same group as the European company Arumpro Capital Ltd (a license from CySec) through a common beneficial owner, which allows the group of companies to have a wide geographic presence.

How much can you earn with Forex?

History knows examples of profitability of 100%, 1000% and even more than 10,000% of profit per year. Who knows, maybe it is you who set the next profit record! But you always need to remember that the higher the potential return, the higher the risk!

Why is the Forex market more interesting than the stock market?


The Forex market is decentralized, so it works 24 hours and 5 days a week.

Large leverage makes it possible to carry out trading operations even with small funds.

In the Forex market, it is more difficult to manipulate the price, since very large players, whose interests do not overlap, trade here.

Only the most liquid instruments are collected here, for which there is always a buyer and a seller.

Is it possible to make money in the Forex market during the crisis?

For sure! Any crisis is a redistribution of capital. As a rule, it is characterized by great activity in the market. And if you turn off the emotions in time and make the right deals, you can earn good money. There are many such examples in the history of the world, and it is quite possible that you will be the next example.

What to do if during trading there was a failure in the computer?

This is not a big deal, as the trading takes place on the servers of the brokerage companies, therefore, there are no risks associated with this for the client. Even if the computer is turned off, trading will continue. The main thing is always to use "Stop loss" to control trading risks. And if necessary, you can always use the telephone dealing.

How to distinguish a good broker from a fraudster?


This is very hard thing to do. The main thing to remember is that there is no guaranteed income, many fraudsters promise this.

In addition, it is worth paying attention:

- To study information about who regulates the company;

- How and where customers ' money is stored: separately or together with the company's money;

- Does the company undergo regular audit;

- Is the information about the company public;

- Finally, you must carefully read the client agreement.

Forex brokers. What do they earn from?


There are several monetization models for intermediaries in the Forex market:

1. Markup on spread \ swap + transaction fees

2. Profit from losses of customers in the market, if transactions are not entered into the market, but remain inside the company.

Who is a broker?

A broker is an intermediary company through which other participants trade in the financial markets. For independent work directly with large market participants, such as banks, hedge funds, insurance companies-requires a very large capital, so not everyone can afford it. And the broker, accumulating at itself means of retail clients begins to work on their behalf, charging thus the certain percent in the form of the commissions and / or remunerations.

Forex working hours. Trading Sessions.


The Forex market operates 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. And it is divided into several trading sessions:

1. Asian

2. European

3. American

4. The Pacific

What is Forex?

The Forex market (Forex Exchange) is an international decentralized financial market where currency pairs and various CFDs (price difference contracts) are traded.


How will my personal data be secured?

According to the Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data, the company does not sell, does not disclose, does not transfer the right to use, does not transfer the personal information of clients to third parties for temporary or permanent use.

What if there are no scans of documents?

If there are no scanned documents, it is allowed to use a photograph of a document of good quality.

How long does verification take?

The verification procedure is carried out during the day, subject to the compliance of all submitted documents.

Why should I additionally confirm the registration address? Why are passports not enough?

The list of documents was compiled and approved by the management in accordance with the rules of the company, as well as on the basis of the policies AML ("Combating money laundering") and KYC ("Know your client").

Which address must be confirmed: “Registration address” or “Mailing address”?


It is necessary to confirm the address of residence.

If the address of residence is different from the registration address, and that if the legislation applicable to the individual requires the identification documents to indicate that the individual has a registered address, which may not coincide with the address of the actual residence, you need provide a copy of your identity document with information about your registered address.

How to pass verification and what documents should be provided?


To complete the verification procedure, you will need at least:

1) Two identity documents.

Identity document:

-International passport; and / or

- national passport; and / or

- identification; and / or

- driver's license; and / or

- another identification document, birth certificate.

Two of the above documents are required, at least one of which must contain a photograph.

At least one of the documents must indicate citizenship, signature, date and place of birth, as well as the country, date of issue and validity of the document, number. These documents are required to open a trading account.

2) One document confirming the address of residence.

- utility bill; or

- bank statement indicating the date and address of the client; or

- a document issued by official bodies confirming the address of the client's place of residence (indicating the full address, name of the client, place and date of issue of the document).

The address must match the address that you provided when registering in your account on the company’s website. The date of the document should not exceed 6 months from the date of issue (for a bank statement 3 months).

Requirements for documents - a clear color scan copy or photo of good quality (in English or a certified translation into English).

What is verification?

This is a procedure for documenting the authenticity of the customer's identity, as well as obtaining additional information about customers in order to comply with the company's AML policy.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Where can I get the details of the recipient bank for the SWIFT transfer?

When filling out an application for a SWIFT transfer, the details of the beneficiary's bank will be indicated in the personal account.

Is there a link between the withdrawal amount and the input amount when using one or another payment system?

There is no such a link - you can withdraw funds in excess of the input amount.

What is the best way to deposit / withdraw funds to / from a personal account?


Most of our customers prefer Visa / Master card when dealing with small deposits. With larger deposits it is bank transfer.

The most popular ways are bank transfer / Visa / Master card.

Ways to withdraw from a personal account?


- bank transfer (SWIFT): 3-5 working days;

- bank cards through the VISA and Mastercard systems - 3-5 working days;

- electronic payment systems Skrill, NETELLER, QIWI - up to 1 working day.

Ways to replenish a personal account?


- bank transfer (SWIFT): 3-5 working days;

- bank cards through the VISA and Mastercard systems - up to 1 working day;

- electronic payment systems Skrill, NETELLER, QIWI - up to 1 working day.

What should I do if I do not receive an SMS code when withdrawing funds?

If you have not received an SMS code for a long time, you must contact the Technical Support Service by calling the phone number specified in the “Contacts” section on the company’s website or by using online chat. During the communication, identify yourself and indicate the phone number by which you expect to receive an SMS code.

Trading account

Can I open multiple trading accounts?

Yes, in our company you can open several accounts, for this you need to click on the "Open Account" button in your personal account and select the type of account that best suits your wishes.

I forgot the password for the trading account, what should I do?

Passwords for trading accounts are stored in your account in the "My Accounts" section. If you want to change the current password for the trading account, you need to enter your personal account, go to the "My Accounts" section, select the option "Change Password" in the right column. After that, the system will generate a new password, which will be displayed in your account. If you have any difficulties with changing the password yourself, you must contact the personal manager by e-mail sent to him earlier, or with technical support by phone, online chat or the specified email address - In the address indicate the full name and the account number in which the password must be changed.

What is a phone password?

The phone password is requested by the company employees when the client completes orders over the phone, as well as when changing the main password.

What is an investor password?

The investor password allows you to authorize an account in the terminal and monitor positions on it without the right to access orders.

How much money do you need for a minimum order?

In order to open a order with a minimum lot of 0.01, you will need from $ 5-7, however, for some currency pairs and other instruments, more funds will be needed depending on the maximum available leverage on the account and instrument (for calculations, you can use the trader’s online calculator at the following link

Starting deposit?

The starting deposit for opening an account is $ 1.

How to open a trading account?

You can create a trading account in your account by clicking on the “Open Account” button on any page of the website.  Select the type of account convenient for you after that, fill in all the necessary fields in the window that opens. After completing the procedure, you will receive a login and password for authorization in the trading platform.

How to start trading on the market?

To start trading on the Forex market, you need to download the MetaTrader 5 trading platform from our website ( After downloading the platform, you need to create a demo or a real account in the relevant sections of the site.

Trading conditions

What is Margin and how is it calculated?


Margin is the amount of collateral blocked by a trader after opening a position.

Margin calculation is carried out according to the following formula:

Margin = Lot * contract size * coefficient of margin * quote / leverage.

Consider the example of the EURUSD pair:

Lot - 0.02 (the volume you set).

The size of the contract is 100,000 (fixed value.)

The margin ratio is 3.33 (it looks in the terminal - the right mouse button on the instrument, specification tab).

Quotation (for purchase) - 1.13372.

Leverage is 100 or 30.



1) 100000 * 0.02 * 3.33 * 1.13372 / 100 = 75.505752 (involved margin for buying with a leverage of 1: 100);

2) 100000 * 0.02 * 3.33 * 1.13372 / 30 = 251.68584 (involved margin for buying with a leverage of 1:30).

How to calculate the cost of 1 pip for a five-digit quote?


The cost of calculating a pip depends on the type of quotation, i.e. whether it is direct (the dollar in the first place - USDCHF), reverse (the dollar in the second place - EURUSD) or the cross-rate (USD is not present). Let's look at examples:

1. Direct quotation (USDCHF)

Calculation formula: pip price = pip size * position volume / current rate.

Suppose that the current value of the quote is 1.20000 and the price changes by 1 pip to 1.20001. Let's try to calculate the price of 1 pip for an operation with a volume of 0.1 lot (10,000 units of the base currency).

0.00001 (one pip) * 10,000 (position volume) / 1,20001 (current rate) = $ 0.083.

2. Reverse quotation (EURUSD)

In reverse quotes, 1 point in volume of 10000 is always equal to 0.1 US dollar, regardless of the exchange rate.

Calculation formula: pip price = pip size * position volume.

The pair EURUSD = 1.40000. The position volume at the current quote 10000EUR = 14000USD. If the price changes by 1 point to 1.40001, 10,000 EUR = 14001 USD. Therefore: 0.00001 * 10000 = $ 0.1.

3. Cross rate (GBPCHF)

Calculation formula: pip price = position volume * pip size * current quotation of the base currency in relation to USD / current exchange rate of the currency pair (cross rate).

Suppose GBPCHF is at 1.44000.

For GBP / CHF: 10,000 * 0.00001 * 1.58000 (GBP / USD rate) / 1.44000 = $ 0.11.

What is a pip?


A pip is the smallest unit of price.

For example, the exchange rate of the AUDCAD currency pair changed from 0.95665 to 0.95667, which means that the price has changed by 2 pips. For most trading instruments, the pip is 0.00001 in a five-digit quote. Japanese yen (JPY) and Russian ruble (RUB) have three-digit quotation (1 pip is 0, 001).

What is Stop Out?


Stop Out - this is the forced closure of customer order at current market prices. Stop Out is triggered when the ratio of equity to margin becomes equal to the Stop Out level set by the company. In our company, the Stop Out level is 80%, and it is preceded by Margin Call - 100%.

Example, balance 2530 USD; funds (equity) 2 301.15; margin of 409.12. The level we are looking for is calculated from the margin and is expressed as a percentage.

Level = (equity / margin) * 100% = (2301.15 / 409.12) * 100 = 562.46%.

What trading instuments does Arum Trade offer?

At the moment, the company provides more than 100 instruments:

currency pairs, cryptocurrency CFDs, index CFDs, metals CFDs and energy CFDs.

You can find information about what instruments are available by clicking on the link:

What are the rules for executing orders?

On trading accounts Buy / Sell by Market, Stop Loss, Buy / Sell Stop orders are executed at market prices, that is an order can be opened with slippage, both for better and for worse directions, but always in full volume.

How long can a position remain opened?

The order in your account remains open until the position is closed manually or until Take Profit, Stop Loss or Stop Out is triggered.

Can I get Margin Call if there is no free margin?


Yes you can.

This is a message from the broker that informs you about the need to make additional funds to guarantee open positions. In our company, the Margin Call level is 100%.

Does your company have fixed spreads?

In our company all spreads are floating as they are formed on the side of our liquidity providers. You can see more detailed information in this section of the website (

What leverage does the company provide?

The maximum leverage is 1: 200.

Who is the liquidity provider for Arum Trade?

Arum Trade uses liquidity from major liquidity providers: Swissquote and LMAX.

Does the Company use a markup to the spread?

Arum Trade uses a mark-up to the spread (markup). The amount of margin depends on the financial instrument.

What is the speed of execution of Market Execution orders?

The average transaction time is 0.009 s., And the minimum is 0.003 s.!

What are the values of swaps and where can I see them?

The size of the swap depends on the selected instrument. You can find the swap values by clicking on the following link: We urge you to pay attention that when transferring transactions from Wednesday to Thursday, a triple swap is charged.

Can a trader use arbitrage trading?

We welcome all types of trading, except for as described in the clause on "Illegal trading operations" presented in the document "Trading conditions" (

Can a trader use an automated trading system?

Yes of course.

Why does the spread expand periodically?


The prices offered to our customers are aggregated from several liquidity providers, so the spread expansion depends on them directly.

As a rule, liquidity providers expand the spread during the release of important news, during the opening and closing of the market, as well as on holidays.

Demo account

What is the lifespan of a demo account?

With constant customer activity, the demo account has an unlimited lifespan. In the absence of trading operations and authorization in a demo account, the account is automatically closed after 1 month.

Are the flow of quotes on the demo account different from the trading account?

They differ, quotes to a real trading account come faster.

What is the difference between a demo account and a trading account?

A demo account is an educational tool that is designed to familiarize you with the trading platform, the trading conditions of the company and most importantly with fake money.
A live account is an actual account that is intended for the client to trade with real funds.
The company strongly recommends to pay attention to the fact that the key factor in the difference between these types of accounts is the psychological factor, which is not present when trading on a demo account.

Why do I need a loign and password? Where to enter them?

Login and password are identification data for client authorization in the MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform. After registering a trading account, fields with login and password will appear opposite the Trading Account. Login and password are entered after the launch of the trading terminal - you will see a window in which you need to enter the data. At the same time, in the line “server” you must select a real or demo server, depending on the type of account you created.

How to open a demo account?

You can open an account in your Personal Account, having previously registered on the Site. Go to the "Account Types" section and click "Create Demo Account." Choose the most suitable Leverage. After completing the procedure, you will receive a login and password for authorization in the MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform.

Private office

I lost the password from my account, what should I do?

If you have difficulty recovering your password, you must contact the personal manager by e-mail that he sent earlier, or with technical support by phone, online chat or e-mail address -

Why do I need a private office?

A personal account is your personal workspace on our website. It displays all relevant information on the status of the client profile and its trading accounts. In addition, operations to work with trading accounts are carried out in the personal account (deposit / withdrawal of funds, password change, etc.).

How do I register in my account?

When you first visit the site, you can find the "Login" button in the upper right part of the screen. After clicking on “Log in”, a window will pop up in which you need to select the registration tab and fill in all the necessary information. As soon as you finish the registration, you will be sent an SMS code to confirm your account and a letter with a confirmation link to confirm your e-mail.

Payment systems. Deposit and withdrawal of funds

What is the minimum amount you can withdraw from a trading account?

Depending on the method of withdrawing funds: electronic payment systems from $ 10, bank transfer from $ 100.

How often can I withdraw funds from a trading account?

There are no restrictions.

I submitted a request for withdrawal of funds, but still have not received the funds. What do i do?

Pay attention to the indicated withdrawal dates at If all the deadlines are over, please contact the customer service department by phone, mail indicated on the website or via online chat.

Can I withdraw funds from my trading account if there are opened positions?

Yes. But the remaining funds should provide current open positions.

How to withdraw funds from a trading account?

Submit an application in your personal account, indicating the account number, payment system and the amount you want to withdraw.

Does Arum Trade take any fees when withdrawing / crediting funds?

Commission is charged only at the withdrawal of funds.

Can I replenish my trading account in cash at the Arum Trade office?

No, It is impossible. The company does not accept cash.

Can I deposit / withdraw money to a trading account from / to another person's account?

No, this is strictly prohibited.

I have a small amount left on my account. Will the newly transferred funds be added to it?


Can I replenish my old account?

Yes of course.

I transferred the funds to the trading account, but they are still not credited. What should I do?

The terms of deposit / withdrawal of funds depend on payment systems. As a rule, electronic payment systems take up to 1 day. A bank transfer takes  up to 5 working days. If all these deadlines have passed, we recommend you contact the customer service department at the numbers listed on the website or to text in our online chat.

How to find out that funds are credited to the trading account?

As soon as the funds are transferred to the company, they will be immediately displayed in the personal account and the MetaTrader 5 account. Also, in the mail and in your personal account, you will receive an alert informing you of the receipt of funds.

Where on your website are detailed instructions for depositing and withdrawing funds?

In the "Deposit / Withdrawal" section (

Trading terminal MT5

What methods of order execution exist in the company?

The main method for executing orders is Market Execution, where you agree to the current market price.

What do the 5 digits in MT indicate in the lower right corner of the window?


In the lower right corner, 2 types of numbers are displayed:

- 75638/7 Kb - this shows the volume of incoming and outgoing traffic of your terminal.

- 47.30 ms - this shows the ping from your terminal to the trading server.

What is the difference between a trading password and an investor password?

With a trading password you have the opportunity to make orders and with the help of an investor password you can only receive information about the current state of the account.

Where can I see the ask price on the chart?

Click on the chart of the instrument. Select the “Properties” field or press the F8 key. In the window that appears, select "Show Ask Line". You will see a line on the chart showing the Ask price.

I can’t download the trading platform from your website, what should I do?

Contact the customer service department at the numbers indicated on the website, or write an email to with a request to send the installation file.

Is your trading platform safe?

Our company employs qualified specialists and uses advanced protective equipment. To ensure security, all information transmitted between our servers and the trading platform is encrypted. Therefore, hacking a trading platform or data interception in this case is practically excluded.

How to change the trading password and investor password for the trading account in the MetaTrade 5 terminal?

In the trading terminal select the menu service-settings-server-button “change” - then in the opened  window select which password you want to change. After that enter a valid password, then a new one and click “ok”.

Where can I download the MT5 trading terminal?


You can download the trading platform in the “Trading” section - “ARUM.MT Platform (MetaTrader5)” ( or on the official website of the developer:

Can I connect to a trading account using the terminal of another broker?

You can have many trading accounts and switch between them. Moreover, accounts can be opened with completely different brokers. The accounts used are stored and displayed in the "Navigator" window, grouped by the name of the server on which they are open.

What is “balance”, “funds” (equity), “margin”, “leverage”?


Balance is the amount of funds in the account, excluding open positions.

Equity is the amount of funds in the account, taking into account opened positions.

Margin is a guarantee required to obtain a loan from a broker used to close deals.

Leverage is the funds provided by the broker to increase purchasing power on the security of client funds.

For example: Leverage 1: 100. For every $ 1 of the client, the broker gives $ 99.

How to generate a report on traded orders for the month (Trading Statement)?

To generate a report for the time period you are interested in you need to go to the “History” tab in the MT5 trading terminal set the time interval and select the method for receiving the report.

How to download information from the quotes archive in MT5?

In MetaTrader 5, press CTRL + U, then select the “bars” or “ticks” tab and request the information you are interested in.

How to install the indicator in MT 5?


In the trading terminal, select the menu, then the “insert” tab - “indicators” and select the desired one.

Or, in the “navigator” window, select the “indicators” section, select the desired one and “drag” it into the chart.

How to install trailing stop?

Open a trade order. In the “Terminal” panel, right-click. In the menu that opens, move the cursor to the “Trailing Stop” item. Set the necessary parameters.

An order does not open - the message “Invalid Stop Loss / Take Profit” (Invalid Stop Loss / Take Profit) is displayed.


Make sure the set Stop Loss / Take Profit value is correct and up to date, and whether the set values correspond to the type of order (sell / buy).

There is no way to trade - the "New Order" button is inactive (gray).


Possible reasons:

- The account is not activated (the KYC procedure is not completed);

- Not enough funds in the trading account.

If the entry is made under the investor’s password, the “New Order” button is inactive.

If at the moment there is no trading on the instrument.

There is no possibility to trade-MT 5 displays a message "no connection" in the lower right corner of the window.

Check if your terminal is connected to the Internet. In the terminal, click on the connection strip in the lower right corner and select “Rescan Network” command, and then open the terminal again. If the problem persists, contact support.

Not all currency pairs are visible in the "market watch" window in MT 5.

Press the "+ add " key at the end of the list and enter the pair you are interested in. Or right-click on any of the quotes and select "Show all" in the newly opened new additional menu.

The message “Not Enough Money” is displayed when trying to open an order.

Check the correctness of filling the order. Replenish your account. You may be using too little leverage.

The message "Invalid account" was received.

Check the correctness of the specified trading account, password, keyboard layout, server address. A mistake may have been made while entering the data.

I keep getting blank news messages in MT 5. What is the reason?

Check if the option "Allow news" is enabled in the Tools - Settings - Server section. Send the support letter you received describing the situation to the support team. During the day an employee of our company will contact you and inform you about the elimination of the problem.

The graphs are empty, the message “Waiting for update” is displayed on the screen.

Close the pending schedule and open a new one. To do this, right-click on the currency pair and select the "Chart Window" command in the context menu.

The connection is constantly broken in MT5

Click on the connection strip in the lower right corner of MT 5 and select the “Rescan Network” command, and then open the platform again. Unfortunately, this is possible with an unstable connection or problems in the volume and speed of traffic with your provider.

How can I change the size of leverage?

When registering a trading account, the maximum available leverage is automatically provided. If after registering an account you want to change the amount of leverage, you must file an application for changing leverage in your account in the section “Trading Accounts” - “My Accounts” - “Leverage” or contact the customer service department.

Why do different brokers have discrepancies in quotes?

Because Since the market is over-the-counter, there is no single platform (exchange) where all brokers can carry out their operations. This leads to the absence of a single price common to all. But you need to understand that the differences in quotes cannot be significant, and insignificant differences are possible due to the fact that brokers use quotes provided by various banks and liquidity providers. The difference, as a rule, does not exceed 1-2 pips.

Electronic Advisers (Experts)

If I switched the expert to the minute chart, and then switched to look at the five-minute period, then the expert also starts working on the five-minute period?


I connected the expert to the chart, but the expert does not work. Why?

First you need to check the color of the expert icons in the Navigator window and if they are red - this means that the use of experts is prohibited by the server. The "Auto trading" button on the toolbar should also be active - it is responsible for turning on / off all experts in the system. The status of experts is displayed on the chart by the symbol in the upper right corner: smiling emoticon - the expert is turned on and works with the trading account, sad smiley - the expert only works in the information mode without executing transactions, a cross - experts are prohibited. The inactive parameter “Allow Advisor to Trade” in the general settings of the adviser will not allow the robot to perform operations on the trading account, but will only inform about the possibility of making operations.

If I restart my computer and open the terminal again? Will the adviser continue to work or do I need to reconfigure everything?

All settings are saved and there will be no issues with the work of the adviser. However, it should be noted that if during the computer restart there was a signal to open a position, the adviser may skip it, because did not work during the appearance of the signal.

Will the adviser work if I close the terminal or turn off the computer?

The computer and the terminal must work, otherwise the adviser will not work. You can use a virtual dedicated server (VPS), which allows you to support the work of expert advisors around the clock, even when your computer is turned off.

Can I manually close orders opened by an adviser?

You can. Just keep in mind that not all robots perceive the closing of an order manually. Do not exclude the situation that after closing an order manually, the adviser can reopen it again.

Can I trade manually on the account where the adviser works?

Yes, but we do not recommend this. Since you have a risk that the adviser will not work correctly.

Is it possible to run two different advisors on one account at once?

Sure. For each expert a separate window opens with a chart. MagicNumber should not match.

I try to change the expert settings, but they do not change, what am I doing wrong?

Expert Advisor parameters are changed on the chart with an attached Expert Advisor. Making changes to the Navigator window is not possible.

I installed the adviser, several hours have passed since then and it does not open orders. What's wrong?

The EA opens orders when suitable conditions for opening a transaction appear. You can move the EA to a smaller timeframe, after making sure of the frequency of the strategy in the EA itself.

My advisor doesn’t work, why?

The main causes of problems with launching the Expert Advisor are typical and, as a rule, relate to its configuration. Before starting or testing the Expert Advisor once again, check all the settings are correct and first of all: whether the advisor file has been compiled; whether the Expert Advisor is allowed to trade on its own; the button in the “Enable Expert Advisor” terminal is clicked; and whether the Expert Advisor code is written correctly.

How to test an adviser?

It is necessary to attach the adviser to a specific chart. On the chart of the selected currency pair, by right-clicking and in the “Advisors” column, select the “Test Strategy” item. A window for testing a trading strategy should appear below, where you need to set all the necessary parameters and click on the "Start" button.

How to install advisor in MetaTrader 5?

Download the EA file to your computer. Important: the downloaded advisor file must be placed in the experts folder of the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal, which you can open by clicking on the menu - “file” - “open data folder”. After you have downloaded the files, you must restart the trading terminal.

How to configure the adviser?

The parameters common to all experts can be set in the “Settings” window of the client terminal. This window is opened by the menu command "Service - Settings" or by using accelerator keys Ctrl + O. Next, select the “Advisors” tab.

What is an electronic adviser (EA)?

EA (or trading robot) is an automatic trading system. In other words, it is a virtual robot trader programmed to trade according to a specific trading strategy.

Partnership programs

Is it possible to withdraw the reward to an account (wallet) opened for other Names?


What personal data is required to register as a partner?

The same as when registering as a client.

Is the reward paid to the partner on profitable referrals transactions?

Remuneration is paid only from trade turnover to avoid conflicts of interest.

How much do your partners (agents (IB)) earn on average per month?

Depending on the activity of the partner and his clients.

What are the main sources of customer acquisition at Arum Trade?

Internet and personal recommendations.

If a client with a trading account in Arum Trade opens a new account using a referral link, will he be “tied” to his partner?

No. After all, he is already a client of the company.

If my referral did not start trading in the market, but became your partner, will I receive a reward for this?

Yes you will. Our company has a 2-level partnership program. It means that if you brought a partner and he attracts customers then you will receive 10% of all his rewards.

The client opened an account on my verbal recommendation and did not follow my referral link. How do I get partner's rewards for his trading?

If the client is not assigned to anyone else and at the same time he speaks about a particular partner (in text form), from which he came, then he would be assigned to the specified partner.

How do Arum Trade partnership programs work?


Once the partner is registered and opens a partner's account on the website they immediately get access to the generation of referral links, which can already be used to attract customers.

We would like to draw your attention to the mandatory condition-verification.  Withdrawal of affiliate reward is possible only after passing KYC.

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