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MAM account
It is an investment product that allows the manager to carry out transactions at the same time in all the accounts of its investors simultaneously, with respect to money management according to each of them separately.
How MAM account works

Opens his/hee MAM account and invests their deposit (the manager's capital), with which it participates in that account at the same time with its investors. The manager publishes the offer, where conditions of collaboration are set, including the percentage of profits - his remuneration for the management of accounts.


There is no need to switch between accounts and make the same transactions, but on different terms

In our company in this service there are additional risk management options in investor accounts

Different types of remuneration for manager


Studies the efficiency of the managers trading with the support of independent classification and invests on a chosen MAM account. In case of positive trading results investor earns profit, part of which pays the manager for the successful trading.


Trading is carried out only in its investor funds, which are not mixed with funds from other investors

Risk management is targeted according to the investor's deposit and preferences

Manager’s funds 1000 USD
The amount of funds on the account at the beginning of trading The maximum amount of profit is 20%
x1 Investor’s funds 1 1000 USD
x10 Investor’s funds 2 10000 USD
x5 Investor’s funds 3 5000 USD
Funds amount on account after the reporting period 20% of the profit is returned to the Manager
Investor’s funds 1 1200 USD +20%
Investor’s funds 2 12000 USD +20%
Investor’s funds 3 6000 USD +20%
Manager’s funds (1200 USD)
Taking into account the remuneration (640 USD)
+ 20% 1840 USD
Investor’s funds - 20% 1160 USD Investor №1 11600 USD Investor №2 5800 USD Investor №3
1. How much will the manager and investor receive after the trading interval before the payment of the reward?

As the MAM account shows a return of 120%, the manager earns 120% of his own funds, i.e. USD 1200. The investor earns 120% of his/her own funds.

2. How much will the investor pay the manager as remuneration?

Each investor pays 20% of its profit to the manager. For example, Investor 1 will pay 40 USD profit of 200 USD.

3. What is the final state of the accounts of the investor and the Manager after the calculations?

According to the results of trading period and remuneration investor 1 will have: 1000 + 200 − 40 = 1160 USD. The manager will have : 1000 + 200 + 40 + 400 + 200= 1840 USD.

How to invest?

Choose a suitable MAM account in a rating

Register your private office and deposit to your personal account via a most appropriate mode

Invest and control investments funds in your private office

How to become a manager?

Register your private office if you don´t have it yet

Open a MAM account, point manager’s funds and transfer this amount from personal account

Set the terms of the offer according to which you will receive investments to your MAM account and start trading


Any questions?

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