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PAMM-account — is a unique service from which investors can earn without trading. Investors invest in the accounts of traders who receive a profit reward for managing those investments.
How does a PAMM account work

One opens a PAMM-account and invests in it a certain amount (manager’s capital), which they use in trading on a par with their investors. The manager creates an offer where they indicate the terms of cooperation, including the percentage of profit, which is their remuneration for managing accounts.


One studies the effectiveness of managers using an independent rating and invests funds in the selected PAMM account. If the trading result is positive, the investor makes a profit, part of which is paid the manager for successful work.

The manager’s funds 300 USD 60%
The investor's funds 200 USD 40%
PAMM account amount before the beginning of the trading interval 500 USD
The amount of the PAMM-account after the trading interval 1500 USD
Manager's funds (900 USD)
Taking into account the compensation(80 USD)
980 USD
Investor’s funds (600 USD)
net of remuneration (80 USD)
520 USD
1. How much will the Manager and investor receive at the end of the trading interval before the remuneration is paid?

Since the PAMM account presented a return of 200%, the manager will gain 200% of his initial funds, that is 600 USD.
The investor will receive 200% of 200 USD — 400 USD.

2. How are profits and losses distributed in PAMM accounts?

All profits and losses in PAMM accounts are distributed in strict proportion to the invested funds. In the example above, the Manager's share is 60%, 300 USD, and the investor's share is — 40%, 200 USD, which in total is 500 USD.

3. How much will the investor pay the Manager as a reward?

The investor will pay the manager 20% of his profit from 400 USD, that is 80 USD.

4. What is the final state of investor and manager accounts after settlements?

According to the results of the trading interval and the payment of remuneration, the investor will have: 200 + 400 − 80 = 520 USD.
The Manager: 300 + 600 + 80 = 980 USD.

How to invest?

Choose a suitable PAMM account in the rating
вам ПАММ-счет

Register your private office
and replenish your personal account
in a way convenient for you

Invest and control the funds
of the investment account in
Your personal accoun

How to become a Manager?

Register your account
if you do not already have one

Open a PAMM account, specify the capital
of the Manager and transfer
the appropriate amount from the personal account

Set the terms of the offer, according
to which you will accept investments in your PAMM-account
and start trading

create PAMM-account

Any questions?

Enter your details and our Manager will contact you soon.